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nese State ■Councilor and Forei■gn Ministe〓r Wang Yi ■said on Mon○day.China, Ja●pan to further pr●omote cultural, ◆people-to-people ex

◆changesChina, Ja■pan to further promo〓te cultural, people-●to-people exchang○es11-26-2019 09●:20 BJTTOKYO●, Nov. 25 -- Ch〓ina and Jap

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that meet th■e requiremen◆ts of the new era, ●Chinese State C●ouncilor and Foreig●n Minister W●ang Yi said here on ◆Monday.Wang made t○he remarks● while attending a● reception for Chin〓a-Japan people-t●o-people exc●hanges host〓ed by the Chi■nese embas◆sy in Tokyo. E

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le○ exchanges.〓Wang said that Ch◆ina and Japan are● neighbors with 〓a long his■tory of exc●hanges of more● than 2,000◆ years. Thanks?/p>